Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What's new : :

Before I fire up the old sewing machine, I decided I needed to get a few things in order...

New ideas : :

I already have several pin cushions, including that ugly tomato that we all have, but I always find myself still searching for the needle, whether I have a pin cushion by my side or not. The solution...a wrist pin cushion. It was pretty fun and easy to make : : I used one of my felt balls (adding a little bit of embroidery and beads, of course), some craft felt, a fabric yo yo, and an extra felted handle I had from my dollhouse making. It fits snug around my wrist, but is a little on the large side in general, but hey, I figure this way I won't miss it and so searching for the needle should become a thing of the past. I plan to use it for all the needle felting and sewing projects I do throughout the week.

New comforts : :

The other day Haila was a big help in re-upholstering this little stool I am using as my sewing chair.

New corners : :

This is a peak in the new sewing space I am making for myself...

New books : :

One of the most recent books I have purchased is Felting for Baby: 25 Warm and Woolly Projects for the Little Ones in Your Life by Saori Yamazaki. It is filled with the most beautiful photographs and felt projects. Although this book offered me much inspiration, I don't really have an interest just yet in making felt the way the book suggests. Most likely because it doesn't involve any knitting, which is still my favorite step in the felt I create for my dolls and dollhouses.


  1. Oh my gosh I love that little pin cushion--and the curtains in your craft corner are lovely. :-) How cozy!

  2. Thanks Melissa ~ I was thinking of making several for my etsy, do you think they'd sell?

  3. i can never have enough pin cushions and felt is such a nice material for them too, it looks great!

    your little sewing corner looks sweet. i recently moved and am working on decorating my new workspace..it's great to finally have one.

  4. The wrist pin cushion is so clever, great work! :)

  5. The wrist pin cushion is such a great idea, nice work! :)

  6. Thanks Missy - Ellen, it's getting a lot of use!


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