Thursday, January 10, 2013

HOMEmade -- A Butterfly Appliqued Curtain : :

Making a curtain is a super satisfying thing, it always leaves me with a good feeling! Besides being so simple, it's functional and likely more affordable to go the handmade curtain route. Of course, we LOVE that!

New Curtain

I'm hoping at least a few of you understand just how tricky it might have been to take a photograph of a hanging curtain, on a bright winter day, in a not-so-large bedroom, with a not-so-wide camera lens? It wasn't easy and I can't say that I ever really figured it out. When I went through my pictures I was a little disappointed, it looks so much prettier in real life, I promise! Yet my dedication to sharing my first "HOMEmade" project for this new home of ours pressed on, and I really hope you like it!

Butterfly Curtain

I only made one curtain and I'm still trying to decide if this window really needs two? What do you think?

This one was made with some simple, large improv piecing of several Pure Element solids from my stash and scraps left over from this qayg project, one of my favorite Summerlove prints Daydreaming in Sunshine (still available at @Hawthorne, Moona, & FQS), and a second curtain layer made up of lots of LillyBelle Garden Rocket in Turquoise.

Butterfly Curtain

I love seeing that sweet LillyBelle print peek through! Still the appliqued layer can be lifted or swept to the side, once we choose a Tie-Back, to reveal that gorgeous print. I chose to do it this way just for fun really, I thought the layers would look really sweet and girly, plus I knew we wouldn't reverse the finished drape often.

Layers of pretty flowers

I added a quick Butterfly applique to match my girl's bedding!

Butterfly Curtain Applique

Machine stitched with an Aurifil 12WT in a brown, and a hand-stitched loop-de-loop with pearl cotton floss.

Butterfly Curtain -- Stitched Applique

It was a lot of fun to make this curtain and is definitely not the worst thing in the world to finish something and the only struggling part be the photographing that comes after!

New Curtain -- lots of color!

When we first moved in I loved all the white shutters on the windows so much, I was rather opposed to having curtains on most of them. It was so lovely to see clearly outside! But now that we're deep into the winter months it's feeling a little bare. If I find time and a stronger urge in the weeks ahead, a few more windows in this home might just get a treatment after-all -- we'll see if I improve, Maureen


Melissa said...

It's so pretty and I think just the one curtain work! Thanks for sharing!Melissa

CJ said...

That's so cheerful! I'm sure she will enjoy it.

Gayle Bouters said...


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Adorable Maureen! I think one works beautifully. You might want to think about putting some black out fabric in between the layers when it's summer ;)


Oh, you know I will stop by, I am using one of your tutorials today, you will have to come by on the 14th to see which one.. :) The curtains are adorable, what a lucky little girl. I need some curtains, wish I had your stash. Are you still on with the party for the 14th on Feb??

Maureen Cracknell Handmade said...

She does, especially the layers of pretty fabrics. I caught her standing in between them singing yesterday! :)

eholst said...

So pretty and perfect for that corner of her room!

Swedish Scrapper said...

Just adorable, a real cheerer-upper! How to choose tie backs? I liked the super floral one, and the green one beside. Although you may eventually make different curtains to swap with the seasons, mmm?

Elsa said...

Love all the colors of the curtain ~ she's got such a girly room ~ any little girl would love to be in it!

mascanlon said...

So pretty, any little girl would love to play, sleep and dream in this room!

Gretchen said...

Darling!!! I need to get moving on my girls curtains. Thanks for motivating me :)

katie@stvital said...

How cheerful! It looks beautiful. I stare at my daughters' curtains everyday (which I made) and think of ways they need to be fixed. This may give me some motivation.

Maureen Cracknell Handmade said...

That Bright Floral one is pretty perfect! I'll see if the little one approves (she's got BIG opinions now that she's a Kindergartener!), perhaps one just for the right side will be nice!

Jane S. said...

What a cute curtain! I think just having one works really well -- if you had two it would overwhelm the window, plus the butterfly wouldn't be nearly as evident.

Love that fairytale princess canopy too...I want one for MY bedroom!

Brenda said...

What a GREAT ROOM! Colour, textures galore and pretty as a peach. A mug hook and loop to one side of the window may be all that's needed to pull the curtain aside, should you wish it; otherwise, seeing that pretty butterfly is all you need x 1.

TexPat said...

This OLD girl would love to have that sweet girly room! The curtain is perfect. Lovely prints, layers, and a butterfly! Butterfies are my favorite - I put at least one on nearly everything I make even if it's just a tiny hand embroidered one hidden somewhere. I like the layers - neat idea!

mammafairy said...

Oh I think one curtain is fine, depending how it worked I might try to put two tiebacks though, and sweep the top and lower layers in opposite directions, both layers are so pretty and girly. But that might just be too complicated.

Maureen Cracknell Handmade said...

No, I LOVE that idea!! I can imagine that it the Summer, it's a beautiful idea!

Thanks Rachel!

Katy Cameron said...

Very cute, and I think one works fine. I might have to make my next set of curtains...

Melissa Corry said...

The butterfly is so adorable! It looks so cute next to the tent!

Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

I am clicking away fast before my girls see her princess thingy hanging from the ceiling. Both my girls want them in their room.(Its gorgeous,BTW!)

Rosa said...

Wow,just gorgeous.and yes,one works very well!!

Sarah Glossop said...

Adorable! I think just one works very well. Especially if you tie back the top one in one direction and the bottom in another. I think that'd be super cute!

Nueyer said...

Very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Love the girly room! Curtains are soooo cute but you may want a tie back just to use once in a while. Maybe a scalloped shade for summer? You do such beautiful work too. Your daughter must love the tent, I think I want one!!! Do you mind me asking what the machine is? Some type of air purifier? Thank you, love your blog!

Maureen Cracknell Handmade said...

Thank you so much! I left the blinds in the window for now, but I do plan to replace them with a blackout roller shade in the Summer, if the early light seems to be a problem. My girl has always been my sleeper and has been known to sleep in until after 9am no matter how bright it is! :)

The white "machine" looking thing is her play kitchen! This one --

Thanks again!!

CJ said...

How sweet! My baby girls are 21 and 24 now and they still love for me to make things for them! I hope you really enjoy your time with your daughter now and in the future.

Annette said...

Oh goodness, that is the sweetest, cutest curtain I've ever seen! You're creativity is always a treat to see.

Linda said...

It's cute as can be, and I do think you need another one.

Anna Maria Quagliero said...

Molto bello, la bambina sara' molto felice !!!

Natalie said...

I love these glimpses into your new home-- it is shaping up beautifully! Your daughter must be so happy to have such a cozy and special space. Makes me want to be a kid again!

petoskystone said...

Two curtains would prevent the butterfly from showing.

**nicke... said...

that is my very favorite print in summerlove! it is gorgeous and i bet halia loves it so much!

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