Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Sewcial Bee Sampler Sew-Along: Block 14!

Star and Cross Block

It's week FOURTEEN and another block release day of the Sewcial Bee Sampler sew-along!

Sharon Holland and I are co-hosting this community sew-along now through early August and as usual, I like to begin each Wednesday by reminding folks just learning about the bee that it's never too late to jump in! We continue to have new participants joining us each week, the blocks typically take about an hour to male, so feel free to join us and play catch-up at anytime! I also love to continue to encourage all who join us to keep posting to Instagram with #SewcialBeeSampler tagging both @sharonhollanddesigns and myself @maureencracknell when you post anything SBS so we can all see and easily keep track of all your wonderful bee block posts. We'll continue to try our very best to visit with all who join the sew along. Thank you so much for making this so much fun!

Join the Sewcial Bee Sampler!

Today's free download is for block #14: Star and Cross. I'll be sure to add this new pattern to my Sewcial Bee Sampler Page with the previous week's patterns. It's a great place to start for those of you just discovering our bee, where you can easily find everything you need to begin right in one place! Simply click on the link or the image below for direct access to this week's new SBS pattern!

SBS Week 14: Star & Cross

For my version of this week's Star and Cross block, I used a combination of Garden Dreamer's Bumble Beez with Lace in Bloom Cloud & Roadside Guides Opal from Fleet & Flourish, framed with AGF's Soft Sand Linen!

Garden Dreamer and Fleet & Flourish

This block comes together super quick, which couldn't be more perfect timing considering how much sewing I have yet to do for the Spring Quilt Market show that's just a couple of weeks away. If you follow along on my Instagram, you'll see that I've been working on samples made using my next collection for Art Gallery Fabrics due out later this month, Soulful. It's a busy, busy time! So this block was just perfect, the fastest SBS pattern yet, made up of just simple squares and rectangles. Rather than use all 2.5" patches, you'll notice that I turned several double square sections into a single 2.5" x 4.5" rectangle, making this block even quicker!

Week Fourteen Block Star & cross

My favorite part is, of course, the bumble bees! Fun fact ~ the scale of this print was decided with 2.5" patches in mind. It's perfect for fussy cutting!

Fussy Cut Bees

I originally had planned to add in a fourth print, but the busyness of the Roadside Guides painterly log cabin print adds plenty of colorful fun in combination with the pretty bees and subtle lacey print!

Week Fourteen Block & Fabrics

I'm excited to see all of the Star and Cross blocks you'll make this week! Be sure to visit Sharon's blog today to see her beautiful versions, and to stop back for details on how to enter this week's special Sewcial Bee Giveaway Friday with our wonderful sponsor Omnigrid!

Our Sewcial Bee Sampler Sponsors

Happy SBS sewing, friends!  ♡ Maureen   


  1. Hi Maureen: I'm loving this sewalong and today's block is great. I am not seeing the giveaway winners listed anywhere on the blog. How do I find that? It's probably very obvious

  2. This is such a pretty block and lovely fabric. But, I have a lot of trouble with so many seam crossings...any tips? hugs, Julierose

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