Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Community Sampler Week #5!

Happy Wednesday & welcome to a new block release day of the Community Sampler sew-along!

First Ever Half Blocks!

Today is the release of block no. four of the Community sampler, so feel free to jump on in if you're new here! Sharon Holland and I have teamed up once again to co-host this block-of-the-week community event and we're so exited to have so many sewing with us! Just a reminder that there are eleven blocks in our Community Sampler quilt and each Wednesday on both of our blogs we release a new block PDF or finishing step, share piecing techniques and tips, and provide inspirational photos as Sharon and I make our own Community Sampler quilts! You can visit my Community Sampler Page above in my tabs bar to retrieve all of the released PDF's so far. It's never too late to join the fun!

Community Sampler Sew-Along

Today's PDF is for our FOURTH block -- Cactus. Block instructions come complete with cutting information plus step-by-step illustrations and this week we'll be making two of the half-blocks we need for our quilts! Be sure to visit Sharon's blog today for additional images and tips for this Cactus Block. This week Sharon is so sweet to provide a full tutorial for this block to ensure everyone has Cactus block success!

Community Sampler Week No. 5

For my own Cactus block I'm using three prints from my Love Story collection -- Compassion Teal Off White, Compassion Ruby Red and Reflection of Love. Pretty, pretty!

Love Story for Cactus Blocks

This block calls for four different prints, but I decided to use just three this week. That's unusual for me since I typically add in an additional focal print whenever I can! However, when I created my mock-up for this week's block I preferred the way my Cactus looked with the same print used for both fabric cuts C and D, and I'm happy with my decision! It's important this week to obvious light and dark prints to be sure your piecing stands out!

Pretty Points

Cactus Half Block

This block was unlike anything I've ever made! I've been sick since last week with Tonsillitis, so I blame some of my errors on how miserable I feel, but honestly this week you'll want to take it slow. It's a great block and if you LOVE a good challenge, you'll feel quite accomplished when you finish your Cactus!

Cactus Half Blocks

Sharon shared a peak of her Cactus block on her Instagram yesterday along with this heads up to ensure your piecing goes smoothly -- You'll need three things: accurate cut pieces, to sew with a true 1/4" seam allowance and to be sure your 45 degree angle cuts are perfect.

I had no problems with these three things, my mistakes were silly, mostly from rushing myself --marking my rectangle units with the diagonal line going the wrong way and jumbling the assembly of my first half-block. You'll see if you look closely to my bottom corner block that it battled my seam ripper! My top block came together without any issues at all, and in the end I felt like I had learned some things completely new and that's always both rewarding & satisfying!

Just be sure take this one slow!

Community Sampler Cactus Blocks

I can't wait to see all of your Cactus blocks! When you share on Instagram use the hashtag #CommunitySampler and be sure to tag @sharonhollanddesigns and myself @maureencracknell so we can visit and see your beautiful work!

Using #CommunitySampler hashtag will also automatically enter you in the weekly IG Giveaway pool! Remember that your Instagram account does need to be a public account for your post to show up in the Instagram hashtag pool. But please don't worry, if you don't have Instagram or you'd like to keep your account private, we will also be hosting the same giveaway prize, alternately between Sharon's and my blog, so you can choose how and where to enter each week!

Thank you, Sponsors!

Be sure to check back here on Friday for more info on this week's Community Sampler Giveaway with our sponsor Fat Quarter Shop!

Happy sewing! xo Maureen  


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    1. Thank you! These three prints work great together for this block, the piecing really stands out which is great since it was such a challenge!

  2. Just Beautiful, beautiful Maureen! Eager to do my mock up and I like your same fabric for C&D.
    Feel better soon...honey & lemon water does it for me:)


    1. Thank you Diane ! I have tried everything, including lots of tea with local raw honey and lemon and the pain is just off the charts! I only just started an antibiotic on Monday, so hopefully I just need a few more days. No fun at all!

  3. Hi Maureen,
    It’s going to be another beautiful quilt!
    Love the blocks so far!

  4. I adore your fabric lines, fingers crossed for the win❤️

  5. Love the fabric. Seeing the lights and darks laid out, I think I would like to make a log cabin. I haven't made one of those in years. I think it would showcase the fabrics well.

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