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Monday, September 8, 2014

Nature Inspired : :

Pillow Set in Sweet as Honey

All throughout September the Goldenrod is in bloom everywhere! While it usually takes the blame for our autumn allergies, this year it's radiant yellow prominence against the deep greenery, blue skies, and browning landscape has me inspired! 

Goldenrod Everywhere!

Goldenrod Inspired!

First to pull out what was left of my Sweet as Honey fat quarter bundle for some comfy, quilted pillow making! Made using my favorite pillow pattern found here in issue 8 of Love Patchwork quilting (again), bound in the bright orange Meadow print Gentle Breeze, and backed in my two favorite Sweet as Honey prints - Fly by Day and Rooted Midnight from the Spring Harvest colorway!

Bound in Meadow Gentle Breeze!

Sweet as Honey Pillow Backs

Sweet as Honey Pillows!

Then I was reminded of how much I loved that set of yellow & orange pillows I made for the magazine and gifted to my Aunt, combined with all that pretty Goldrenrod and the vase of yellow Alstroemeria as my inspiration, once again I pulled from my stash a collection of fabrics ranging in color from buttery cream to glowing tangerine, but this time with a new quilt top in mind!

Goldenrod Inspired scraps

Chain Piecing with Orange!

Yellow Inspired!

This morning I finished up chain piecing my 7" squares of orange fabrics and now I'm moving onto the yellows! I'm hoping to finish in time to capture this new quilt top with it's inspired golden backdrop! 

Wish me luck!!


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pattern Change : :

Emmy Grace in the light!

Yesterday, when I finally sat down to continue work on my Emmy Grace quilt in my Winter's Garden quilt pattern, I just couldn't commit to making that same exact pattern with these fabrics. Interesting changes kept coming to mind, distracting me and slowing down the usual speed that I work at. So, I ended up giving into just one idea, to patchwork my sashing with the Emmy Grace low volume prints. First by strip piecing!

Emmy Grace -- low volumes for strip piecing

Then I cut my patchwork!

Emmy Grace -- low volume patchwork

After that I decided each of my finished blocks really should be framed with either the darker prints in this collection or maybe with coordinating solids. So, I pulled a stack of Pure Elements that would play nicely!

Emmy Grace -- solids pull

I began by framing just one block, adding the sashing after, and just like that my new pattern emerged!

Emmy Grace -- framed & sashed #1

Right away, I was so excited about where this was heading! I've been wanting to create something using low volume prints in this way for so long. This turned out to be the perfect opportunity and collection to use. After a good stretch of sewing time, my idea grew into a quilt top that I'm so happy with!

Emmy Grace -- growing!

Honestly, I really do work best this way. Having the freedom to change my mind, with my main focus being to simply create the best quilt I can with the fabrics I have to work with. I've never made the same quilt pattern twice, not sure why I thought I could do it this time!

An Emmy Grace quilt top

I love the stained glass look of sunlight through patchwork!

Emmy Grace in the light!

You can find this gorgeous Emmy Grace collection available at Contemporary Cloth, Bobbie Lou's Fabric Factory, Llama Fabrics, Pink Castle Fabrics, The Intrepid Thread, Fat Quarter Shop, and Stash Fabrics!


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Emmy Grace Plans : :

It's the first day of the new school year. My children have been so excited which makes it all so much easier, and I'm equally ready to get back to a schedule! Here they are -- my 2nd, 5th, & 6th graders! Oh, how time flies!!

It's the first day of school: 2nd, 5th, & 6th grade!! They are so excited!!

Today I plan to clean my oddly quiet house, but first I'm going to treat myself to finally cutting into my beautiful stack of Emmy Grace fabrics from Bari J.!

Emmy Grace by Bari J.

I plan to remake my Winter's Garden quilt, to draft the pattern to offer once I finish!

Another pretty quilt back from Sew shabby Quilting!

I've been waiting for just the right fabric collection to come along to make these quilt blocks again, and I think Emmy Grace is it!

Winter's Garden Blocks!

How about you, what are you working on these days?


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Sewing : :

Last night, just after finishing my Field Day scrappy hourglass quilt top, I draped it over the empty curtain rod in my sewing room. The bottom was caught by the fan wind and it danced around. As I watched, the sunlight lowered just enough to beam through the very center of my quilt. The illumination transformed my scrappy patchwork into a stained glass illusion for just a few minutes. It was glorious to see! I snapped only a couple of photos, trying to avoid the mess below on my computer desk. I've decided this quilt top must come with us to our beach vacation, with hopes of getting a better shot of this quilt top all aglow in the sunlight!

In the Light

Along with it I'm bringing my Friendship Diamond Quilt to photograph and to share with you next week. As well as my sketchbook! I've been wanting to draw so much since my father passed away. I just haven't had the time. I plan to do lots of doodling, quilt sketching, and to finalize plans for my Indelible quilt, which I'm having problems deciding on. Should this piece you see below be the center of a medallion style quilt or a repeat block design. Hmn?

growth quilt beginnings in katarina roccella's indelible fabrics  for art gallery fabrics

If you have a vote please chime in, I always appreciate your input!

Be sure to stop back tomorrow for an Indelible Giveaway and to visit me next week here, where I'll be blogging from the Outer Banks!


Monday, July 7, 2014

A Making Plans Day : :

We returned back home to Pennsylvania from our busy weekend away to a welcomed relaxed & rainy Monday. I had hoped to photograph my newly finished Friendship Diamond Quilt with Kevin's help, but that will have to wait for a sunnier day. Instead I'm pleased to be making quilt plans for some amazing new collections that recently arrived.

Growth Quilt Beginnings

Indelible is the first fabric collection by designer Katarina Rocella for Art Gallery Fabrics. It's full of graphic text and nature themed prints in a bold, colorful range of deep purple, ash, bright turquoise, pumpkin, and gold. I love both the colors and each print that makes up this collection so much! I've started with just a quick sketch and one stitched up quilt block that might just be the first piece to the center of a medallion style quilt for me to freely build upon in the Summer weeks ahead!

Indelible Plans

Quick Sketch

Indelible Scraps!

These colors!

I also opened, with so much excitement, an anticipated box from AGF designer Bari J! Inside was Emmy Grace, her new whimsical & sweet collection that was so thoughtfully inspired by her daughters. I know just what these will become and can't wait to dive in!

Emmy Grace by Bari J.

Happy Monday & sewing to all of you!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Progress Report : :

My Sewing Table

Yesterday I finally managed to start this new quilt. It was seeming as though beginning this one just wasn't meant to happen there for a little bit, sheesh! Happy that's behind me. Beginning is so, so good!

Wednesday Sewing

And, I'm extra happy to report that I accomplished quite a bit!

Endless Summer Fabric Strips

Batting Strips

Easy Straight Strips

I share often that both my quilt as you go tutorial and my newest qayg tutorial for my Herringbone quilt pattern are both extremely quick makes. Well this version of adding each strip straight across rather than on the diagonal, working my way down the panels of cut batting, one piece after the other definitely exceeds those speedy methods!

Easy Strips

It's exactly the perfectyly laid-back, enjoyable quilt project I'm so needing right now!

Loving it!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Change of Plans : :

I used my quilting ruler to cut one triangle from each Meadow print, setting them aside, waiting for my chance to begin my new quilt. I wanted to sew just one row together before committing fully to my design plan. Then yesterday, as I finished up a few etsy orders while enjoying my daffodils, I changed my mind!

Making Crowns & Daffodils

Meadow & Sunshine

The warm, sunny yellow and bright orange flowers were too convincing, and so out went any Meadow blues darker than a clear Summer sky and in came cantaloupes & peachy creams, mint & pale aqua, more sunshine yellow & tangerine, grassy greens, and bright teals.


This bundle feels so much like Summer to me. Those shiny, carefree days I'm so ready for! An easy quilt as you go of bright stripes in varying widths of these pretty fabrics. Simple and fun!

Summer in AGFs

My plan, to take my Herringbone quilt tutorial and rather than add each fabric on the diagonal, I'll be adding each strip straight, one after the other just like a patchwork stacked coin quilt. I printed out AGF's Rustic Autumn quilt pattern quite sometime ago, loving both the diagonal direction and the orange! I plan to keep it close by for a little extra inspiration!

AGF Quilt Inspiration

And how about you, what are you working on these days?


Monday, February 24, 2014

Mercer ♥ : :

In addition to the Fabric Giveaway Fridays I organize with my wonderful sponsors to share at the end of each week, this year I'm teaming up with many of our favorite fabric manufacturing companies to present, highlight, & offer special giveaways for the new collections not yet or newly released to this beautiful fabric world of ours! This week, I'm very excited to showcase & possibly introduce to you for the first time, Mercer by Dear Stella!

Mercer by Dear Stella!

This collection includes so many of my favorite classic prints! Chevrons, one simple & strong in crisp navy and one made by soft by the fine lines that create the pattern in pale peachy & grey tones, three stunning florals each with a unique pattern and scale in a dreamy palette of smoke, indigo, cream and melon, a whimsical feather print, quite possibly my most favorite among the group, and basic yet modern polka-dots and solids that fuse each print together to form a lovely and cohesive collection!

Mercer by Dear Stella!

Mercer by Dear Stella!

When these fabrics arrived I decided on making a quilt right away! My process for designing this quilt and for all of my projects, usually begins with me fanning out the fabrics, sometimes separating them into color-stories, and then I simply begin sketching out my idea onto paper.  Almost always it takes just one sketch for me to settle on an idea to use as my guide. For these I was inspired to make something traditional and sweet, with a repetitive block design and sashing!

Mercer Patches!

Winter's Garden Blocks!

I'm sixteen blocks in and am so happy with how it's coming together! I'm still a bit undecided on my sashing, but if today goes well, I'll have a finished quilt top to show you all very soon!

Winter's Garden Blocks!
You can find this gorgeous Dear Stella Mercer fabric collection available at both Pink Castle Fabrics here and the Fat Quarter Shop here! Be sure to visit Dear Stella Designs, to follow them on Facebook or Instagram, and to keep an eye out for a Mercer fabric giveaway right here just as soon as I finish up my quilt!

You can see a few more pretty quilt ideas for this collection right here! How about you, what would you make with Mercer?


Monday, February 10, 2014

In Rapture : :

Rapture Quilt Making

I've been waiting a few weeks now for the right time to cut into my Rapture bundle, the latest and incredibly beautiful collection by designer Pat Bravo. As soon as this bundle arrived I had sketched out my plan, but with how unusually busy and stressful these last few weeks have been for me, all of my quilting plans kept getting pushed back a little further and further. In these cold February days, with plenty of white and grey outside the door, it's most definitely easy to feel a little gloomy at this point. And so it became a was time, finally, for Rapture!

Rapture Quilt Plans!

rap·ture /ˈrapCHər/ noun 1. a feeling of intense pleasure or joy. synonyms: bliss, elation, joy, enchantment, delight, happiness, pleasure, and more.

Those words sound lovely, so much better than their antonyms: unhappiness, despair, gloom, dislike, sorrow, etc.. And the colors of Rapture , SO pretty & refreshing!

Pretty Rapture!

Love the touches of black!

Rapture PE Solids

Such pretty scraps!

Amidst all the cold and the snow, these sometimes dreary days, and the amount of work I've yet to do, I'm extra appreciative to have this project to work on when I need it, to bring me joy, and to keep me smiling this week!

In the morning

Wishing you all February joys and a lovely new week!     Maureen