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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pillowcases for Newtown : :

I shared the details of a pillowcase drive happening on Monday, and today I want to share our stack! In recap, Quilter's Corner in CT is hoping to collect at least 600, to be delivered to the Sandy Hook Elem school, after the return from holiday break.

Pillowcases for Sandy Hook

Yesterday we mailed out five pillowcases, one from each of us Cracknell's. It felt good to put my hands to good use. I am extremely grateful for both the opportunity to make something that may bring a little comfort to at least a few of those poor students and for the gentle conversation it pioneered for me with my two youngest while we did our making.

Fabric Helper

Pin Helper

For two of the three we made together, we used FITF's wonderful Pretty Quick Pillowcase Tutorial. We combined some beautiful organic cotton fabrics -- a Cloud9 Monsterz print, along with one of my very favorite's -- this Mod Squad Organic print by Birch, with some of Lizzy House's perfect, soft stripes, from her Hello Pilgrim collection, a little of Joel Dewberry's new Notting Hill, with just a teeny bit of Willow Dot by RBD.

Cloud9, Birch, & Lizzy House Pillowcases

My daughter took this photo while I was sewing one up and Jacob was controlling the foot petal. I don't have too many pictures of me sewing, so I think this is special and looks really cool!

Photo by Haila

During the day on Monday and again yesterday, I finished up this stack of flannel & voile pillowcases. Two more to add to the ones we sent out, and three to be gifted to our children's wonderful teachers! Most of the flannel & voile I used is by Anna Maria Horner. Combine those two and it is certain to make for some gorgeous, comfy pillowcase stitching!

Voile and Flannel

Almost immediately after sharing news of the drive and throughout the last few days, more than a few people have asked, "Why pillowcases?" Since my involvement in this pillowcase drive is to help spread the word and to join in myself, I don't want to speak for anyone, and I also don't want to ignore anyone. My own answer right away was, "Well, my obvious first thought is simply -- to bring a little comfort. I know it is a very small gesture, but there is a lot of love that goes into making anything with your hands. It would bring me a little joy to know that there are so many who are thinking, praying, and trying their best to lift up those impacted by this unthinkable tragedy. When I saw the post, I just wanted to share it." 

Since then, I have learned that Pillowcase Projects, sometimes called "Sweet Dreams Pillowcase Projects" are being organized all the time, all over -- to make to send to shelters, hospitals, children's homes, and to service members. It really is a beautiful idea and one that I would love to keep going! Please let me know if you are interested?! I also watched on the news a story of a Portland family sending 26 wreaths to a Fire House in Newtown, here's a video clip of one First Responder's reaction, which moved me to tears.The man in the video explains much better than I ever could, why these small gestures make a big difference!

Mail your pillowcases to : : 
Quilters Corner
312 Danbury Rd
New Milford, CT

Take care, friends,
,  Maureen